New ultrafast, 8Gb-capable Wi-Fi standard certified

The Wi-Fi Alliance has certified a new standard of Wi-Fi. Known as the 802.11ad standard, it operates in the 60GHz spectrum and is capable of transfer speeds up to a whopping 8Gb (8,000 megabits per second).

It's also known as WiGig, and any products certified to the standard will be known as WiGig devices.

The fantastic thing about it working in the 60GHz spectrum is that it faces less congestion - the majority of other connected devices operate in 2.4GHz or 5GHz - and it faces far lower latency (lag), though it only reaches up to about 10 metres.

In other words, it's good for connecting up the Internet of Things and for linking the gadgets in your home up with each other. The Wi-Fi Alliance expects it to be used for things like "wireless docking, augmented reality/virtual reality, multimedia streaming, gaming, and networking applications".

Plus, it's futureproof: if we happen to have 8Gb broadband in the future, we'll be able to connect to our routers wirelessly and still get ultrafast speeds.

Edgar Figueroa, Wi-Fi Alliance president and CEO, said: "Wi-Fi has delighted users for more than 15 years, and WiGig now gives users even higher performance in a rich variety of applications unleashing an unparalleled Wi-Fi experience.

"WiGig further expands the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED portfolio into 60 GHz, and will augment existing and developing Wi-Fi programs and technologies."

So far, just five gadgets have been WiGig certified, including some router tech, a Qualcomm chipset, and a Dell laptop. They'll be used as the basis of the new tech, so expect more stuff soon.

Source: Wi-Fi Alliance

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