Now TV contract-free broadband is ready to order

Now TV, better known for its special TV passes for Sky TV channels, has officially launched its set of broadband and home phone packages, and they’re now ready to order.

The new provider first announced its foray into the broadband world back in June, but now its packages are finally ready to go.

The main selling point of its new range is the option to go contract-free: alongside the usual 12-month contracts, you can also get broadband on a rolling 30-day basis - a rarity in the world of broadband.

As for the actual broadband you can get, its flagship package is the Now TV Combo, which lets you build your own bundle of broadband, home phone, and TV.

The broadband options are Brilliant Broadband (download speeds up to 17Mb), Fab Fibre (up to 38Mb), and Super Fibre (up to 76Mb). For home phone, meanwhile, you can get the standard Pay as you use, Evenings and weekends calls, or Anytime calls.

Going for a Combo gets you TV as well, in the form of a Now TV set-top box that lets you pause live TV and access episodes on-demand.

And, as per usual, you can get its TV passes chucked into your subscription too. There's the Entertainment Pass, for 11 live and on-demand Sky Channels; the Sky Sports Pass for unlimited Sky Sports; the Sky Cinema Pass for live and on-demand movies from Sky Cinema; and the Kids Pass, for lots of telly for the littluns.

Prices for broadband start at £9.99 per month - £27.98 including line rental, which is required - with extra setup fees (£40-50) if you choose the contract-free option. To see deals and sign up for a package, compare your options using our postcode checker.

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