Openreach gets serious about ultrafast broadband rollout

Openreach has enlisted the help of Huawei and Nokia in its bid to roll out ultrafast broadband to the UK. The firms will supply equipment to the network, such as cutting edge switches, modems, cabinet ‘side pods’, and other fancy techy-sounding stuff, and get the nation ready for a rollout.

Openreach's technology - capable of download speeds up to 330Mb - has already been trialled in Gosforth, Huntingdon, and Swansea, but now the company wants to bring it to the rest of the country too.

The next areas it'll install it in will be Gillingham in Kent and Cherry Hinton in Cambridgeshire, covering around 25,000 premises. 12 more trials are tipped to begin in January too, covering 140,000 premises - they'll be in Balham, Bolton, Cheltenham, Derby, Donaldson, Langside, Luton, Rusholme, St Austell, Swindon, Sheffield, and Upton Park.

This'll prep us for a proper commercial launch, and is a step towards Openreach's goal of reaching 10 million homes and business with by the end of 2020.

"Openreach is pioneering technology," CEO Clive Selley said, "because we want to get affordable ultrafast speeds to as many people as possible in the fastest possible time.

"We also want to deliver this next generation of broadband services in the most efficient and least disruptive way - so it is a testament to our world leading R&D team that they've managed to define and drive new standards with operators and equipment manufacturers around the globe."

Look out for trials over the next few months.

Source: BT | TechWeek Europe

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