Plusnet launches new wireless router, the Plusnet Hub Zero

Plusnet has launched a new wireless router. The Plusnet Hub Zero, which will replace the Technicolor 582 router Plusnet currently provides with its broadband, is said to be faster, more energy efficient and easier to use than its predecessor.

The Plusnet Hub Zero - or Plusnet 2704n if you want to get technical - has a next-generation Broadcom chipset, which Plusnet says makes for "snappier performance," uses 40% less energy than the Technicolor 582, meets new EU rules for power consumption on standby and is encased in tough plastic.

The new user interface means you can have the Plusnet Hub Zero up and running within 15 minutes, and it comes with longer cables so it's easier to put it somewhere you'll get a good Wi-Fi signal, as opposed to putting it on the floor or leaving it dangling in mid-air.

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However, unlike the routers that come with BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media broadband, the Plusnet Hub Zero doesn't appear to use dual-band technology, which automatically selects the clearer of two wireless channels, making your Wi-Fi more reliable.

The Plusnet Hub Zero will come with Plusnet broadband and fibre optic broadband. The broadband version only comes with one microfilter - the little boxes you plug into your phone socket to stop it from interfering with your broadband - rather than the traditional two, but you can get more for free if you need them.

The fibre version comes with an extra cable to connect it to the Openreach modem. Unlike the BT Home Hub 5 and Sky Hub, the Plusnet Hub Zero doesn't have a built-in modem, so you'll still need an engineer to install one.

Plusnet will start dispatching the Plusnet Hub Zero within the next two weeks. To find out if you can get Plusnet broadband where you live, bang your postcode into a broadband price comparison website - you could even use the one you're looking at right now…

Source: Plusnet

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