Plusnet resolves billing problem, refunds customers

Plusnet has apologised to customers that were incorrectly emailed about being charged extra for exceeding their broadband usage limit. The 'fault' affected a “small number” of subscribers on Tuesday when their accounts began adding gigabytes of unused data.

Plusnet was quick to address the problem and stated that its engineers were "investigating the root cause." It took just over four hours for the provider to identify and resolve the problem and assured those affected that any incorrect charges would be removed or credited to customers' accounts.

One customer contacted the BBC about the issue, stating that he received several emails over a ten-hour period, which first warned him about his usage allowance limit and then said that additional gigabytes had been added due to exceeding the allowance. Plusnet currently charges £5 for each 5GB used over the limit.

The provider has now updated its hotline with an answerphone message and added a note to its support page regarding the problem. Plusnet carried out maintenance work on its systems at the weekend but has said that it did not cause the fault.

A spokesperson for Plusnet said: "Yesterday, a small number of Plusnet customers on 'limited' broadband packages received email notifications regarding their broadband usage. The emails incorrectly stated that customers had gone over their usage limits. The issue has now been resolved."

"We are confident that no customers have been overcharged. However, if any customers have any concerns, please visit the Member Centre on our website or feel free to get in touch with us."

Source: BBC News

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