Quarter of parents worried about children evading content filters

Does your child know how to bypass content filters? According to a new report by telecoms regulator, Ofcom, a quarter of parents think their children can easily get around the filters provided by leading broadband providers.

The research examined the impact of the content filtersintroduced by providers such as TalkTalk, BT and Virgin Media lastyear to ease the government's worries about youngsters accessingcontent they should not, and it suggests that they aren'tparticularly effective.

While parents appear concerned about their children's ability tobypass content, just half of those surveyed understood what contentfilters were and how to use them. The UK's major providersinstalled the filters during the first quarter of 2014, but only21% of parents are actually using them.

Of those that did, 93% admitted that they do find them usefulwhile 73% said they block just the right amount of content. Thatsaid, 24% of parents confessed that their children could find a wayto access blocked content if they wanted to.

The majority of parents are unaware of blocking content onsmartphones and tablets. Mobile devices are used by 65% of 12 to 15year olds but only a third of parents are aware of safety toolswhile just 15% are using them.

The research also found that children are also getting better atcovering their tracks online. More than 30% of young teenagers saidthey know how to delete their browsing history while 12% admittedthey had done so during the last twelve months.

Source: Expert Reviews

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