Rural Northern Ireland gets broadband speed-up

We all know how frustrating slow internet speeds can be. When a movies takes two hours to download and Wi-Fi continually drops out, it's infuriating! This has been a particular problem in rural parts of Northern Ireland, but steps have been taken to remedy the situation.

The second phase of the government's Broadband Improvement Project for Northern Ireland was completed earlier this month, BT has announced. The initiative was announced in February, and aims to expand internet access to 45,000 premises in more remote areas of the country. It's hoped that the £24.5m project will be completed by the end of 2015.

Among the project's stated goals are increased access to basic broadband in parts of the country that previously had no service at all, and wider access to superfast fibre optic broadband across the country. It will also hopes to encourage a wider choice of broadband providers, and more access to services like subscription TV.

"The importance of next generation rural broadband in Northern Ireland's continued economic recovery cannot be overestimated," Chief Executive of BT in Northern Ireland, Colm O'Neill, said in a statement.

"Great communications infrastructure is critical to economic sustainability and inward investment, but in order to drive growth, people need to adopt the technology that is available to them."

According to a report published by communications regulator Ofcom earlier this year, 73% of households in Northern Ireland have access to broadband - ever so slightly less than the UK average of 77%.

Source: BBC

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