Scientists create 1.125 Terabit fibre broadband

Researchers at University College London have a new kind of fibre optics that can transfer data at 1.125Tb - almost 50,000 times faster than current superfast broadband.

It's a new world record in data transfer speeds, and would be fast enough to download the entirety of Game of Thrones in HD in a single second. Comparatively, that would take hours on most UK internet connections.

The speeds were achieved with fibres using 'super-channel' technology, which involves sending 15 pulses of light at different frequencies at once. Super-channels are common for splitting up wireless signals, but have never been used in a fixed line.

Dr Robert Maher, who led the research at UCL, explained: "Using high-bandwidth super-receivers enables us to receive an entire super-channel in one go. Super-channels are becoming increasingly important for core optical communications systems which transfer bulk data flows between large cities, countries or even continents.

"However, using a single receiver varies the levels of performance of each optical sub-channel so we had to finely optimise the modulation format and code rate for each optical channel individually to maximise the net information data rate. This ultimately resulted in the greatest information rate ever recorded using a single receiver."

Translation: Nyoom.

The next step for the researchers will be to find out if the tech works across longer distance, to see if it would work nation-wide. It'll be quite some time before super-channel fibre optics arrive on our home broadband connections.

The study was published in the journal Scientific Reports if you want to read it.

Source: Telegraph | Inquirer

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