Second phase of Northumberland fibre optic rollout begins

The iNorthumberland project, which aims to make superfast internet connections available across the region, has started its next phase. The £4.1 extension to the project will bring fibre optic broadband to 3,700 more premises.

As it stands now, the iNorthumberland project has already made broadband connections with speeds of more than 24Mb available to 90% of the county. That works out at around 146,000 premises in the area - although that figure also includes BT's own commercial rollout.

Now the second phase has started, and the first areas to benefit have been revealed. Around 100 homes and businesses in the village of Maften have been connected this week, and in the coming months, Melkridge, Colwell, Langley, Warden, Oakwood, Dilston and Whitely Chapel will follow suit.

Northumberland County Council and BT, who are collaborating on the project, expect to reach 95% superfast coverage by the end of this year. After that, there's potential for a phase three, as take up of faster broadband packages have been strong in the region - especially compared to other parts of the country.

Dave Ledger, the deputy leader of Northumberland County Council, said: "It's great to see the second phase of this ambitious and high performing programme well underway. How fantastic to celebrate the delivery of high speed broadband to small settlements like Matfen - ensuring that residents, businesses and community organisations there can reap the same communications benefits as large towns.

Source: ISPReview

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