Sky and Virgin Media customers make the fewest complaints

The latest Ofcom report into customer complaints is out, revealing which broadband, phone, TV, and mobile providers garner the most and fewest complaints.

The broadband provider that got the fewest complaints from its customers this quarter was Sky, followed very closely by Virgin Media.

Last quarter, the provider with the most complaints about its broadband was EE - but the new report has seen those numbers drop dramatically. Sadly it's still the most complained about, though its numbers are now much more on par with those of BT, Plusnet, and TalkTalk.

The number of complaints per 100,000 customers of each broadband provider were as follows:

  • Sky - 6
  • Virgin Media - 7
  • BT - 28
  • TalkTalk - 31
  • Plusnet - 32
  • EE - 34

The story is similar for landline complaints too. Virgin Media and Sky got the fewest, while TalkTalk got the most - partially due to EE and Plusnet's complaint numbers dropping pretty dramatically from last quarter.

For pay-TV, meanwhile, Sky impressed once again, with only one complaint per 100,000 customers. Virgin Media isn't far behind, reporting only three complaints per 100,000. BT and TalkTalk had more TV complaints, at 15 and 14 per 100,000 customers - which is quite a bit lower than their numbers last quarter.

As for mobile, Vodafone's complaints have shot up in the last six months. That's mostly due to the company changing the way its bills work, which confused a lot of people and prompted more complaints about "billing, pricing and charges"-related issues.

The most satisfied mobile customers are those on Tesco Mobile - only one complaint was recorded per 100,000 customers. O2 and Three aren't far behind, with just three complaints each per 100,000.

Take a look at the full report on Ofcom's website.

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