Sky broadband line rental to increase on 1 March

Sky broadband customers will have to pay a bit more each month come March. It’s been revealed that the provider will raise the price of its line rental at the start of that month.

The impending price increase was first spotted by money-advice site This is Money. Within the small print, the advert mentions that "Sky's Line Rental prices increase 1 March 2017." Although line rental isn't listed as a separate charge in advertisements anymore, it does still make up part of your monthly bill, and providers can still increase the price.

Although some providers, including BT and Virgin Media, increased line rental last year, Sky did not. Some TV packages saw price rises, but broadband has remained flat since December 2015.

Currently, Sky line rental costs £17.40 a month, but there's no word on the amount that will go up. Website ISPReview speculates that it could be bumped up to £17.99 to match packages from Now TV - also owned by Sky. Alternatively, it could be closer to BT's £18.99 a month.

A Sky spokesperson said: "Whenever we review our pricing we work hard to keep any rises to a minimum. Any time we do introduce changes, we contact the relevant customers in advance to let them know."

Sky will contact all its customers about the price increase in writing before the changes go through. If you're not happy, you can switch providers within 30 days of notification, without incurring any exit fees.

That said, price increases are a fairly regular occurrence in the broadband industry. Telecoms regulator Ofcom is investigating the issue, and some companies like TalkTalk offer fixed price contracts that won't go up in price over the contract length, but for now, a price increase remains a possibility with most packages.

Source: ISPReview | This is Money

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