Sky Broadband usage surges on Christmas Day

Sky Broadband has revealed that internet traffic soared to unprecedented levels on Christmas Day, a sure indication that broadband customers are becoming more reliant on online services during the festive period.

Sky said that its On Demand service and other streamed video platforms were the most popular and accounted for more than half of their internet traffic on the day.

The internet provider also revealed that traffic increased steadily between 8am and noon, as millions across the country opened their presents, many of which were new tablets and smartphones. Traffic then dropped off between 1pm and 3pm while everyone ate Christmas lunch.

The internet traffic then increased again during the evening as families watched TV shows via streaming; it eventually peaked at 11pm. Overall, the peak figure was a 100% increase Christmas Day last year.

Sky Brand Director, Lyssa McGowan said: "Our network data shows us that whilst family time is important on Christmas Day it's becoming condensed between 1pm. and 7pm. as families want to play with their new tech or settle down with one of the latest TV Box Sets."

"That's why having a totally unlimited DSL or fibre package has become so important to families, letting them stream and surf to their hearts' content with reassurance of the Sky network that offers 99.9% reliability."

There are currently over 5.3 million Sky Broadband subscribers while budget rival, TalkTalk, has 4.2 million.

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