Sky completes IPv6 rollout on its broadband network

Sky announced today that over 90% of users on its broadband network are now IPv6 enabled, making it the first network of its kind in the UK with this kind of “future-proofing”.

What this basically means is that the majority of users' IP addresses reflect the most up-to-date standards, resulting in a more stable connection

An IP address is a lot like a phone number for your internet connection and the device you're using - it tells the network where to send the data you've requested from the internet.

Traditional IP addresses on the old IPv4 standard are a familiar series of four numbers - an example being - but these ran out quite a while ago and new ones can no longer be assigned.

IPv6 addresses, however, consist of larger numbers and more characters, so they're not likely to run out any time soon. An example address would be 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334… so it's a lot, lot bigger.

IPv4 addresses are constantly being recycled and re-assigned, since there aren't enough to assign one per user, meaning connections are less reliable. With IPv6, however, this should be much less of an issue.

Mohamed Hammady, Sky UK's chief technical officer, says the company prides itself on being at the forefront of connectivity. He said: "We were the first carrier in the UK to introduce 100Gb fibre optic technology for our core network, and the first European adopter of Cisco's latest carrier grade routers, the NCS6000 series, bringing 8Tb technology to our super-core.

"And now, we're enabling the network to IPv6, future-proofing millions of customers' broadband connections. All these developments help us to support customers' huge demand for viewing TV on multiple devices and demonstrate Sky's commitment to giving customers the best broadband experience."

If you've got Sky broadband, your connection will have been updated automatically to the new standard.

Source: Sky

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