Sky launches £10 a month fibre optic broadband package

Sky is making superfast broadband more affordable with a new £10 a month package. Customers will be able to receive speeds up to 38Mb with the 'Fibre broadband' service, which will be subject to a 25GB monthly data cap.

The provider is hoping the deal will appeal to internet users that have not yet tried fibre broadband. Because of the 25GB a month cap it won't appeal to some users, as video services like Netflix will eat that data fast. However, it will be ideal for fast browsing, email and some downloading.

Sky already offers truly unlimited Sky Fibre Unlimited and Unlimited Pro services to customers who want to be able to stream content in HD and download large files. The same line rental fees will apply for the new service, so there'll be a £16.40 monthly charge and possibly a one-off connection fee.

Sky Broadband Director, Lyssa McGowan said: "We're always looking to give customers even more reasons to choose Sky. Sky Fibre means we can now offer superfast speeds for just £10 a month - the lowest standard price in the UK. It's perfect for those who want to try fibre for the first time."

The deal arrives a day after Ofcom revealed that a 10Mbps connection should be the base requirement for families using multiple devices. Sky's basic fibre service will now provide speeds as much as four times faster than that at a low price.

New Sky Fibre customers will also get access to the Sky Broadband Shield free of charge. This shield acts as an online safeguard, blocking certain sites and flagging malicious software.

Source: Digital Spy

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