Sky launches 76Mb Fibre Max package

Sky has launched a new fibre optic package, which offers speeds of up to 76Mb and unlimited usage. Sky Fibre Max is the company’s fastest option to date, making it a good fit for large families or shared houses, or heavy users.

The package costs £25 a month, plus £17.40 line rental on a12-month contract. You can, of course, also add one of Sky's TVoptions if you also want to expand your telly options. The packageisn't available online just yet, but can be ordered over thephone.

The fast speeds mean you could theoretically download a musicalbum in around five seconds, or download a movie in just a fewminutes. The package also gives you Sky Shield, which offersnetwork-level protection from sites infected with malware, andcustomisable parental controls.

Lyssa McGowan, Director, Communication Products, Sky said:"We've introduced Sky Fibre Max to give new and existing customersmore choice to access our fastest broadband product at acompetitive price. The new product represents Sky's continuedcommitment to develop our broadband and fibre offering withfantastic customer service."

Sky Fibre Max replaces the existing Sky Fibre Pro package,albeit at the cost of some features. There's no static IP address,different profiles or dedicated support line anymore. On the plusside, it costs £5 less, and the missing features were aimed atpretty hardcore users so we imagine everyday customers won't feelthe loss.

Source: ISPReview

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