Sky launches tech support team and average speed information

Sky has announced a brand new customer service team, specifically to handle problems with customers’ internet connections. It’s also announced that it now lists average speeds on its packages, as opposed to the ‘up to’ speeds favoured by most in the industry.

The new team is called the Sky Broadband Tech Team, which as names go is a little on the nose, but appropriately descriptive.

It exists to provide dedicated support for Sky's broadband customers, and will help with everything from helping you get faster connection speeds, sorting out problems with equipment and sending over engineers to help resolve issues that can't be dealt with over the phone. The team members will even have their own branded uniforms, vehicles and tools.

As well as launching the tech team, Sky's also become the first major provider in the country to advertise packages with average download speeds.

As it stands now, Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) rules say that providers can advertise up to speeds - the download speeds available to at least 10% of customers. This has been criticised heavily by customers and politicians because it follows that 90% potentially won't get connections that fast. In short, it's not very illuminating.

The ASA has said it's looking into how speeds are listed, but Sky's decided to change things up now, by advertising the average connection speed. That has the effect of dropping advertised speeds quite dramatically in some cases - for example, a connection that was previously up to 17Mb will now be shown by Sky as having an average speed of 9Mb.

Sky's also launched a new offer for existing TV customers to go with its new speeds advertising. Sky Fibre is available for £20 a month - down from the usual £27.40. That includes line rental by the way. In addition, there are discounts on Fibre Unlimited, and Fibre Max.

Lyssa McGowan, director of communication products at Sky said: "Faster and more reliable internet is becoming ever more important for our TV customers. That's why we are offering Sky Fibre at such a brilliant price, exclusively for our Sky TV customers, alongside launching our new, dedicated Broadband Tech Team, so they get the best service in town."

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