Southern cities better for broadband

If you desperately want superfast broadband, you might need to make for the south of the country. That’s the conclusion of a new report providing a breakdown of the areas with the highest and lowest percentage of postcodes with superfast connections in the UK.

The 2015 Centre for Cities report - described as "annual health check of the largest cities and towns" - shows a clear north-south divide for superfast broadband. Seven of the ten 'best' cities for internet were located in the south while nine out of the ten 'worst' cities were located in the north of England and Scotland.

Luton came out on top with an impressive 88.9% of the area's postcodes able to access speeds of 30Mb or above. While Luton is not officially a city, the report has included all major towns. The south coast cities of Brighton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Plymouth also featured in the top ten.

At the other end of the table, Hull has been named as the worst connected area by a considerable margin. Just 12.9% of residents can access superfast speeds on their fixed line connections. The east Yorkshire city's plight has not been helped by the fact it is served entirely by one provider: KC.

Blackburn was the second worst connected city, though it did manage to offer speedy connections to more than half of the postcodes in the area, while Norwich was the city furthest south to make the superfast wall of shame.

According to the report, 72.9% of connections in the UK can now get superfast speeds, though residents located in the cities are 1.5 times more likely to have access to the service than their rural dwelling counterparts.

Source: Expert Reviews

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