Super speed broadband could go mainstream within a year

Faster broadband speeds could be on the way to the UK after the new broadband standard was approved by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The improved service will make use of existing copper lines.

Faster broadband speeds could be on the way to the UK after thenew broadband standard was approved by the InternationalTelecommunications Union (ITU). The improved service will make useof existing copper lines. is a new broadband standard that has the potential toprovide improved speeds for customers and substantial cost savingsfor operators, as it combines the best aspects of DSL (localnetworks) and fibre technologies. It's expected to becomemainstream towards the end of 2015.

Tests by BT at its research lab have already been carried out connections. The average download speed over a 19-metrelength of copper cable was impressive at 786Mb. When the distancewas increased further the speed did drop off but the results werestill encouraging and surpassed existing technology.

BT welcomed the approval of In a statement, it confirmedthat it will be begin to trial the tech when they get their handson a "fully standardised commercial kit" next year.

A BT spokesperson said: "We have made no decisions about thedeployment of yet, but we see it as a very promisingtechnology with significant potential. That's why we're puttingsome of our best minds on the case to assess it fully."

The ITU added: "The time from's approval to itsimplementation looks set to be the fastest of any access technologyin recent memory." could be particularly useful in rolling out super fastbroadband to historic cities where using traditional coppernetworks is preferable to drilling holes for fibre connections inlisted buildings.

Source: V3

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