Surrey gains £3.8 million for superfast broadband

Thanks to the success of the Superfast Surrey project, the county of Surrey has earned itself a huge £3.8 million windfall, which will go towards connecting the rest of the area to superfast broadband.

Superfast Surrey, a local scheme aimed at getting speedy broadband to as much of the county as it can, managed to hook up a huge 20% of Surrey premises to fibre optic broadband.

That's an extra 86,000 homes and businesses, bringing total coverage up to about 96% and giving the economy a predicted annual boost of £30 million.

Projects like this one usually have a 'Gainshare' deal with BT, in which they agree to fund some of the network's fibre rollout into their county - in particular, to areas that weren't originally included in BT's commercial rollout. Then, if take-up in those areas is higher than expected, the project gets some of their investment back.

And that's exactly what's happened with Superfast Surrey. Since it was headed by Surrey County Council, the £3.8 million windfall will go right back there and get invested in even more superfast broadband.

The council now wants to connect the most "hard to reach" neighbourhoods in Surrey, particularly in the south and east. Around 15,300 premises in the county still can't get superfast broadband, after all.

Deputy council leader Peter Martin said: "We're already the country's best connected county and now we can look at beginning to help people in those hard to reach parts of Surrey, which we simply couldn't do without this cash."

If official documentation is your thang, you can take a look at the council's full report on the matter over on the Surrey County Council website.

Source: Surrey News

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