TalkTalk gets a massive revamp and scraps separate line rental

TalkTalk has just undergone some big changes, with new packages, new features and a new, more transparent pricing structure that doesn’t separate line rental and offers a fixed price for 18 month contracts.

The company is making a clear effort to position itself as a no-nonsense provider that prioritises clarity and affordability with its packages. To that end, it's replaced its existing offers with much simpler packages to understand with all-in pricing.

TalkTalk's been talking about getting rid of line rental in its advertised prices for a while now. It's not the first provider to say sayonara to separating costs - Vodafone previously launched all in pricing for fibre packages - but it is the first provider to drop separate line rental listing completely.

The company's packages now give you a choice between 'Fast Broadband' with speeds of up to 38Mb, or the fibre optic 'Faster Broadband' package, with speeds up to 38Mb or 76Mb, with various phone options that can be added as needed.

You can, of course, still get TV. There are two options: 'TV Plus' gives you a YouView box with recording functionality, as well as major Sky entertainment channels as standard, and 'TV' offers up a stripped down box without the extra channels and recording ability.

Packages are available as 18 month contracts, and the price you pay is fixed so you won't be hit by any sudden hikes to your bill in that time. You're also not locked into any particular package. If your circumstances change in those 18 months though, you can change what you have at any time - for example upgrade to fibre or add or remove TV - but you will have to restart an 18 month contract.

In addition, there will no longer be a difference between deals for new customers and existing users. TalkTalk did a spot of research, and found that 84% of UK adults felt that loyalty was punished by broadband customers, so now everyone on TalkTalk, old or new, gets access to the same deals.

Tristia Harrison, TalkTalk's Consumer Managing Director said: "TalkTalk is changing. Nothing matters more to us than our customers and doing right by them is the right thing for our business. We've listened hard to what they've told us and we're acting on it. People are fed up of confusing packages and loud advertising, they're frustrated with deals which shoot up mid contract, and they hate seeing the best deals saved for new customers.

"TalkTalk entered the market as a challenger, and we've always saved customers money. But today's changes are about more than that. We know this is an essential service that really matters to people, so it needs to be simple, affordable, reliable and fair. We're proud to be the first to make the big changes customers expect and deserve of their telecoms provider today."

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