TalkTalk launches new plans, with no price rises mid-contract

TalkTalk has announced that it has extended its fixed price plans, which guarantee customers won’t see any price increases over the course of their contract. Both new and existing customers can now choose to fix their price for 12 or 24 months.

According to TalkTalk, the four biggest providers in the UK increased prices 19 times over the last two years - something it's fair to say not many were thrilled about.

In a survey, conducted by research firm Trinity McQueen earlier this year, 74% of respondents said they wanted the price advertised to be the price they paid, and 69% said they wanted providers to freeze rates, so they didn't have to pay a sudden increase mid-contract.

TalkTalk initially launched its price freeze plans when it underwent its big rebranding in October. Now, customers can pick what broadband, phone and TV options they want, with every package including unlimited downloads, line rental and a mobile SIM containing 500MB data, and pay the same price for up to two years.

That said, choosing the 24-month option locks you into your contract for a while - it's often possible to switch to a better deal after a year, so you'll need to choose whether predictable bills are worth missing out on package that's potentially better value.

Tristia Harrison, consumer managing director at TalkTalk, said: "Seeing your price rocket mid-contract or the best deals saved only for new customers is incredibly frustrating and simply isn't fair. We're acting on what customers have told us and are proud to be leading the way in offering the value for money and peace of mind people deserve.

"The year ahead has never looked so uncertain. Inflation is increasing and pushing up the prices of everyday goods. In this time of change, it's never been more important to know you're getting a good deal and paying a fair price."

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