TalkTalk router Wi-Fi passwords may be ‘stolen’

If you’re using an old TalkTalk D-Link DSL-3780 router - also known as the Plus Fibre router - it might be time to splash out on a new one.

Due to the cyberattack by the Mirai worm last week, which knocked thousands of TalkTalk, Post Office, and KCOM users offline, experts believe a number of TalkTalk Wi-Fi passwords may have been stolen.

Luckily, the attack only affected users of the old Plus Fibre model, and TalkTalk claims there's no evidence that any passwords have been nicked.

The affected router

A spokesperson said: "As is widely known, the Mirai worm is an industry issue, affecting many ISPs around the world. A small number of TalkTalk customers have been affected, but we can reassure customers that no personal information is at risk.

"If customers have an issue connecting to the internet, they should visit our help site… There is no need for customers to reset their Wi-Fi password."

They added: "Our security team does not believe there is any greater risk that a customer's Wi-Fi can be used

The provider has pushed out a security update to its routers which ought to block the worm from accessing them again, and has employed some network-level controls to keep the hackers at bay.

Nonetheless, the experts say, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Since these routers have less effective security and have already been compromised, we'd recommend getting a new one - which you can do by contacting TalkTalk, or buying a new one from retailers like Amazon.

And always remember to change your passwords regularly, whether there's a security breach or not.

Source: BBC

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