TalkTalk slashes broadband prices in new sale

TalkTalk has announced new special offers on its broadband packages. New customers switching to the provider will enjoy a cut price for the full length of the contract, and no setup fees at all.

Both standard broadband and superfast fibre optic packages areincluded in the sale, and TalkTalk's fixed plans mean that theprice will stay the same throughout the length of the contract. Thedeals, as listed on broadbandchoices, are:

  • Fast Broadband - speeds of up to 17Mb, £20 amonth for 12 months
  • Faster Fibre - speeds of up to 38Mb, £27 amonth for 18 months
  • Faster Fibre Large - speeds of up to 76Mb,£32a month for 18 months

In addition, the usual £60 connection fee for fibre packages hasbeen waived as part of the offer, and the Anytime calls add-on hasbeen cut from £7.50 a month to £5 a month.

It's a good offer, and the price freeze will be welcome to thoseused to getting price increases mid-contract. That said, there area few things to be aware of.

Firstly, some contract lengths are months. For many people, thatwill be fine - the price freeze means you can expect a consistent,predictable bill each month. But it also means you couldpotentially miss out on a better offer within a year.

In addition, be aware that the price freeze only covers thelength of the contract. After 24 months, your bill will go up. Forexample, the Fast Broadband package will go up to £25.50 a monthafter 12 months, so you should make a note to compare broadbandagain at the end of your contract.

In other TalkTalk news, the company has announced that its CEODido Harding is stepping down, after seven years of being the boss.She'll be replaced by Tristia Harrison, currently managing directorof TalkTalk Consumer.

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