The EU wants 100Mb broadband in every home by 2025

The European Commission has revealed new connectivity proposals. Among the numerous targets it laid out, it wants to ensure every house within its remit has access to download speeds of at least 100Mb.

Unlike the UK government's broadband commitment, which pledges superfast connections to 95% of premises, and a universal service obligation (USO) of 10Mb, the EU's reform package covers everywhere - including remote areas.

Or, in the European Commission's own words: "all European households, rural or urban, should have access to connectivity offering a download speed of at least 100 Mbps, which can be upgraded to gigabits per second."

The EC also wants to make sure that every major transport route - roads and railways - have uninterrupted 5G coverage. In addition, 5G - faster mobile internet than 4G - should be available in at least one city in every EU member state by 2020. In addition, it stated that it wants to equip every village and city in Europe with pubic Wi-Fi by that same year.

Andrus Ansip, vice president for the digital single market, said: "Without first-class communication networks, there will be no Digital Single Market. We need connectivity that people can afford and use while on the move.

"To achieve that, spectrum policies must be better coordinated across the EU. More competition and further integration of the European market will allow us to reach these goals, helped by the right environment created by the new Communications Code."

The big question, of course, is whether or not the British government will try to match these targets. After all, Commission's plans are more of a shared aspiration than legally binding targets. Plus, despite all the current uncertainty around the subject, we should assume that the Brexit process will be underway by 2020.

We'd like to think that the government will follow suit - maybe not with the same targets, but hopefully similarly ambitious. After all, post-Brexit it'll be even more important than ever for Britain to stay competitive with the rest of the continent.

Source: The Telegraph

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