Third of broadband connections now superfast

According to new research by the regulator Ofcom, nearly a third of broadband connections in the UK are now classed as superfast. The recent surge in take-up of cable and fibre services has also resulted in a record rise in speeds during the last nine months.

32% of premises are now accessing speeds up to 30Mb or above,which is an 8% increase on the figure recorded in November 2013.The average download speed among superfast users was much higherthan that though, averaging around 50.4Mb in November 2014.

The increased superfast speeds mean that the UK as a whole isnow averaging download speeds of 22.8Mb - up from 18.7Mb in Maylast year, and the largest rise ever recorded by Ofcom. Overall,fibre connections averaged 41.6Mb in the six months to November,cable averaged 54.4Mb and ADSL saw an average of 7.3Mb.

Virgin Media was found to be the fastest UK provider for the12th consecutive time. The provider currently offers customersspeeds up to 152Mb and Ofcom's research recorded an average of132.6Mb over a 24-hour period. Plusnet led the way for uploadspeeds - its up to 76Mb bundle delivered average speeds of17Mb.

Acting Ofcom Chief Executive, Steve Unger said: "The UK has seensignificant investment in superfast broadband, and millions ofhouseholds are now benefitting from faster speeds and more choice.But there's still more to be done to ensure that everyone can sharein those benefits."

Source: Advanced Television

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