UK has 20th fastest internet in the world, says Akamai

The latest State of the Internet report from Akamai has revealed that the UK has slipped in the firm’s global internet ranking - we now have the 20th fastest internet in the world, a drop from six months ago when we ranked 17th.

Our average download speed, the report says, is 15Mb, with an average peak download speed of 62.1Mb. That's a fair bit faster than it was at the end of 2015 (13.9Mb and 56.8Mb), but apparently not good enough to keep up with the rest of the world.

Although 15Mb is our average speed, Akamai also revealed that only 36% of UK internet users are even able to achieve that speed. A shocking 10% of us can't even get 4Mb.

The top dog for average internet speed, ranking no.1 on Akamai's report, is - as per usual - South Korea. It logged a blisteringly fast average speed of 27Mb, with peak speeds at 110.1Mb.

Following it in the rankings are Norway, Hong Kong, and Sweden, with the top 10 rounded out entirely by countries in Europe and Asia.

Meanwhile, the ranking of countries with the best broadband coverage looks a little different. Only 90% of Brits can get speeds above 4Mb, but that figure shoots up to 97% for Andorra, Malta, and, again, South Korea.

The top 10 countries, ranked by fastest average connection speed, are:

1. South Korea - 27Mb
2. Norway - 20.1Mb
3. Hong Kong - 19.5Mb
4. Sweden - 18.8Mb
5. Switzerland - 18.3Mb
6. Finland - 17.6Mb
7. Latvia - 17.5Mb
8. Singapore - 17.2Mb
9. Japan - 17.1Mb
10. Iceland - 17.0Mb

Source: Akamai

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