Virgin Media's next SuperHub sent to home users

Virgin Media has let slip that its new generation of cable broadband router has been released. If you’re a Virgin Media customer and have received a new router recently then you may already be using a SuperHub capable of 1000Mb+ - very quick indeed.

The first details about Virgin Media's new generation of hub surfaced in the summer, with mooted support for speeds of up to 1300Mb across the wireless local network (WLAN). Back them, Virgin Media poured cold water on speculation but it has since confirmed to website ISPReview that some customers are now using an updated model.

A statement from Virgin Media last week read: "We can confirm we have on occasion replaced some SuperHubs with a newer model, depending on the requirements of the service each customer has."

The trial of the third generation hub is now ongoing with more information to be revealed in "due course." What we do know is that the new router looks almost identical to the SuperHub 2 and is based on NetGear's own model with Virgin Media's own firmware and styling.

It's the first time that any of the SuperHub devices have been distributed outside the trial period to home customers, and Virgin Media's decision to send the new router to customers that require a replacement is an indication that it feels the product is ready to go.

Source: ISPReview

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