Virgin Media now available to more than 40,000 more homes

Virgin Media has extended its rollout of superfast broadband to 44,000 more homes in South West Scotland and North West England, offering speeds up to 152Mb in those areas.

Households in Ayrshire, Lancashire and Cumbria will now be able to take advantage of all the provider's packages, which include the popular TiVo entertainment service and download speeds up to eleven times faster than standard broadband through the phone line.

Virgin Media has been able to provide faster broadband in the regions after fully incorporating provider Smallworld Fibre into its network. Virgin acquired the local broadband network in February with the aim of expanding its service by the end of the year.

Previous Smallworld Fibre customers in Carlisle, Irvine, Lancaster and Morecambe were the first to be connected to Virgin Media's network and now several more areas will be able to access broadband, home phone, digital TV and mobile bundles.

Virgin Media's chief customer technology and networks' officer, Paul Buttery said: "We're delighted that Smallworld has joined our network, bringing the benefits of superfast connectivity to more homes. We've received warm welcomes from each new town we've moved into and believe that bringing faster broadband can create more opportunities for local people and support economic growth."

One of the first customers to access Virgin Media in Irvine, Mary Northcote, added: "We use Skype a lot to keep in touch with our son, the faster broadband will mean that I can do as much Skyping as I like without my husband complaining I'm hogging the Wi-Fi!"

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