Virgin Media to expand broadband in Glasgow - is it coming your way?

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If you live in Glasgow, get set for supercharged internet, because Virgin Media is expanding its cable network in Scotland’s largest city to provide broadband eight times faster than the UK average to 5,000 an additional 5,000 homes.

If one of those homes is yours, as well as fibre optic broadband offering download speeds of up to 152Mb - double the top speeds of BT, TalkTalk and Sky's widely-available fibre - you'll also be able to get Virgin Media TV, through which you can get TiVo, allowing you to pause, rewind and record live TV and much more.

This is what a Virgin Media TiVo box looks like. Phwoar, eh lads?

And if your gaff happens to be in Barrhead, Cumbernauld, Duntocher or Uddingston, get excited, because that's where Virgin Media's network is being extended to. In fact, work is already underway in and is due to be completed by the end of the month.

Virgin Media CEO Tom Mockridge said: "Extending our network across the region means thousands more families will benefit from the UK's fastest widely-available broadband for the first time. We are proud to be supercharging Glasgow, helping build an exciting digital future for the city."

The expansion is part of Virgin Media's commitment to help people learn how to use the internet as part of its legacy as a partner of this summer's Commonwealth Games

According to a report published last year by The Carnegie UK Trust, which looks to improve lives in the UK by influencing public policy, 40% of households in Glasgow aren't online. This is mainly due to people not knowing how to obtain computer skills, with lack of access to low-cost computers and broadband also being a major barrier.

Virgin Media is teaming up with Digital Glasgow - Glasgow city council's digital infrastructure strategists - and events charity Glasgow Life to provide a team of 50 coaches to give over 1,500 "hard-to-reach people" - as far as we can tell that means those who don't or can't usually get involved with stuff that most people get involved with - "sport-inspired digital skills" - we don't have a clue what that means.

If you live in Glasgow and want to find out if your home will be covered by the Virgin Media network expansion, go to If you live elsewhere and want to know if you can get Virgin Media broadband and TV, do a postcode search on a price comparison website. Y'know, like this one.

Source: Virgin Media

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