Vodafone ‘abolishes’ line rental charges for fibre broadband

Vodafone announced today that it’s ‘abolishing’ line rental charges for fibre broadband packages - by merging broadband and line rental into a single monthly cost.

If you're already a Vodafone broadband customer, this won't affect the cost of your bill - Vodafone is just changing how it advertises its pricing for new and upgrading customers. In fact, its overall prices aren't changing at all right now.

The price adjustments are ahead of the upcoming ASA ruling, that states that broadband providers must include the cost of line rental far more clearly in their broadband pricing. So instead of saying "£5 per month broadband! (plus £18.99 line rental)", for instance, providers would have to say a more straightforward "£23.99 per month broadband" or similar.

So you'll still get line rental with a fibre package - the cost of it is now just included in the main monthly cost.

Under the new system, prices for Vodafone broadband packages are as follows:

  • Unlimited Standard Broadband (up to 17Mb download speeds) - £4 plus £18 line rental
  • Unlimited Fibre 38 (up to 38Mb) - £25
  • Unlimited Fibre 76 (u to 76Mb) - £28

Prices are per month, and existing Vodafone mobile customers can also get an extra discount.

Glafkos Persianis, Vodafone UK commercial director, said: "Giving our customers the opportunity to break free from hidden line rental charges is our way of letting our customers know that we are listening and that we are serious about providing them with the Unlimited Home Broadband experience that they deserve."

Look out for similar changes from other UK broadband providers in the near future too.

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