Vodafone is about to start selling broadband

Just a few years after selling its UK broadband business, Vodafone is charging back into the fray. The company announced its plans to launch a broadband and TV service next year, becoming the latest provider to offer broadband, mobile, home phone and TV bundles.

Vodafone's decision is a surprising one - back in 2012 Vodafone said goodbye to its broadband business, and sold it on to Plusnet.

At that time Vodafone said: "The residential phone and broadband market in the UK is not a strategic focus at the present time."

Just two years laterthat policy has changed dramatically. In a statement, Vodafone explained: "Vodafone UK will roll out residential broadband services from spring 2015. The service will be based on Vodafone's existing fixed infrastructure, with more than 20,500km of fibre. Additional coverage will be provided through wholesale and co-location."

What that essentially means is that Vodafone will use its own fibre network where it can, but use BT's infrastructure elsewhere.

Vodafone has not provided any details about pricing or revealed what kind of shows, channels and on-demand content you'll be able to watch on its TV service, but has promised to provide further details about the service as the launch date approaches.

One thing we do know is that Vodafone faces stiff competition in the crowded UK broadband market with experts predicting that it will find it difficult to compete with rivals BT, Virgin, Sky and EE on both price and service.

Still, more competition can only be a good thing for you and me, and if Vodafone can deliver a good-quality service, it has every chance of attracting subscribers.

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