Vodafone joins Ofcom’s Home Broadband Code for accurate speed data

Vodafone has announced that it signed up to Ofcom’s voluntary Code of Practice for broadband speeds. That means anyone signing up for the service will be given accurate information about their maximum download speeds.

Now that it's under the code, Vodafone will supply new and upgrading customers with information about the actual speeds they will receive. For example, it might say that you can get between 34Mb and 36Mb on its low end fibre package. If the minimum guaranteed line speed is not achieved, the customer can leave the contract without paying any exit fees.

The code only covers download speeds, but Vodafone is pledging that they'll produce accurate information about upload speeds too.

Vodafone UK's Commercial Director Glafkos Persianis said: "Having allowed customers to break free from broadband line rentals and try out our mobile network, we are now giving them greater transparency on home broadband speeds.

"Since we entered the market just over a year ago, we have pledged to make a difference by scrapping the out dated and often misleading practices, which have plagued this market. The days of promising theoretical "up to" speeds are over - if a customer does not receive the speeds that they were promised, we will try to fix that, and if that does not work then they are free to leave, no questions asked."

Vodafone joins other providers that have signed up to the code, which include BT, Sky, Virgin Media, EE, TalkTalk, Zen and KCOM.

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