Vodafone wants Ofcom to investigate BT’s copper broadband plans

Vodafone has complained to Ofcom about BT’s plans to roll out a faster service using its existing copper wire network. It argues that BT’s trials have broken regulations, but BT says the complaints will just delay the rollout.

The Financial Time reports that Vodafone has written to Ofcom, and asked it to investigate BT's G.Fast trials.

G.Fast is a technology that uses both fibre and copper wire to offer faster speeds than standard ADSL broadband, without as much investment as rolling out pure fibre to the premises. It's a huge part of BT's plans to upgrade the UK's broadband speeds in the next few years.

BT Openreach has trialled G.Fast in a number of locations, and it's this that Vodafone has complained about. It argues that these breach strict Ofcom regulations, which were altered in 2009 to allow fibre to be rolled out to green street cabinets, and says that they don't give Openreach a "blank cheque" to do what it wants on future deployments.

Vodafone said: We call on Ofcom to discharge its legal duties and carry out a proper consultation into this issue."

It's not a secret that many of BT's rivals are rather cool on G.Fast - many have expressed preference for a full fibre rollout instead. Vodafone's challenge, if upheld, could push the rollout back months. Naturally, BT's not happy.

A spokesman from BT Openreach told the Financial Times: "We are disappointed that Vodafone is trying to delay the roll out of ultrafast broadband to 10m premises. This is an unhelpful move that benefits no one."

An Ofcom spokesperson said: We are aware of Vodafone's concerns and will consider them very carefully."

Source: Financial Times

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