‘XG.FAST’ trial sees broadband speeds of 8Gb

Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) and Nokia have achieved broadband speeds of an impressive 8Gb - that’s 8,000Mb - on a trial of a new ‘XG.FAST’ technology.

Like the G.fast tech that BT is working on, XG.FAST lines are made of copper, the same as regular phone and broadband lines. G.fast's fastest recorded speeds, in comparison, come in at a now-rather-pathetic-looking 5.6Gb in trials with BT and Alcatel-Lucent.

XG.FAST got the 8Gb speed over 30 metres on a twisted-pair copper line, and a 5Gb speed over 70 metres - one of the fastest speeds on a copper line we've ever seen.

Dennis Steiger, chief technology officer at NBN, said: "Although XG.FAST is still in its very early stages of development the lab trials we have conducted demonstrates the huge potential that the technology offers.

"XG.FAST gives us the potential ability to deliver multi-gigabit speeds over copper lines - virtually on a par with what is currently available on fibre-to-the-premises - but at a lower cost and time to deploy."

In Australia, NBN's broadband promises speeds of 25Mb, though most households get an average of 8.5Mb.

With G.fast and similar technologies making such strides, expect to see it roll out a lot more. BT is in the process of expanding the UK's G.fast network, and now Australia is getting in on the action too - as is Deutsche Telekom.

In the UK, that means speeds of up to 300Mb for most households - though with the new developments, that could well get faster.

Source: ISPReview | News.com.au

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