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  • BT reveals provisional prices for 330Mb broadband

    BT has finally revealed how much its 330Mb ‘’ broadband will cost when it starts rolling out across the UK next year. The prices are for wholesale, and just… More »

  • Relish now lets you order broadband with a hashtag

    Wireless internet provider Relish has launched a new way for the social media-obsessed to get its broadband: hashtags. Simply tweet the company with #GetMeOnline and it will get the… More »

  • TalkTalk to extend ultrafast 1Gb broadband in York

    TalkTalk has announced plans to extend a joint trial of ultrafast 1Gb broadband in York. Currently, around 14,000 premises in the area can connect to the broadband, which offers… More »

  • New ultrafast, 8Gb-capable Wi-Fi standard certified

    The Wi-Fi Alliance has certified a new standard of Wi-Fi. Known as the 802.11ad standard, it operates in the 60GHz spectrum and is capable of transfer speeds up to… More »

  • Government releases advice for community-led broadband schemes

    The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has released a bunch of documents to help out community-led broadband schemes - that is, a town, village, or group of… More »

  • Brits would rather live in a brothel than a home with slow broadband

    If you needed an indication of how important broadband’s become, Money Saving Expert’s come up with a good one. The site has found that more people prefer to live… More »

  • Councils call for broadband ‘social tariff’ for those most in need

    The Local Government Association (LGA) has called for a ‘social tariff’ to be included in the government’s universal service obligation, to ensure that low-income households can have access to… More »

  • Is Amazon going to offer broadband in the UK?

    According to an insider source, global retail giant Amazon is thinking about expanding its repertoire to broadband - and a network rollout in the UK is at the top… More »

  • ‘XG.FAST’ trial sees broadband speeds of 8Gb

    Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) and Nokia have achieved broadband speeds of an impressive 8Gb - that’s 8,000Mb - on a trial of a new ‘XG.FAST’ technology. More »

  • 1Gb Hyperoptic broadband arrives at 77 Mayfair

    Uber-posh residential development 77 Mayfair has added a new luxurious feature to its roster: 1Gb (1,000Mb) broadband, courtesy of ultrafast broadband provider Hyperoptic. More »

  • Lancashire village gets ultrafast 1Gb broadband in community effort

    Residents of Silverdale, a north Lancashire village on the west coast, now have access to lickety-split 1Gb broadband, thanks to a local community scheme. More »

  • BT offers to take on 10Mb universal service obligation

    BT has told the government that it is willing to take on the proposed broadband universal service obligation, which says that everyone in the country will have access to… More »

  • Virgin Media to arrive in 360,000 Scottish premises

    Virgin Media is set to roll out its cable network to even more areas of Scotland, reaching a whopping 360,000 extra premises - with a promise to connect a… More »

  • 100Mb broadband for all of the EU will cost €502 billion, report says

    A super complicated study from the European Commission estimates that providing 100Mb and 1Gb speed broadband for all of the EU (including the UK for now) will cost €502… More »

  • CPS issues new legal guidelines on trolling

    The Crown Protection Service has released new guidelines on how to prosecute online trolls and cyberbullies - in particular, anything to do with posting photoshopped images, doxxing, derogatory hashtags,… More »

  • East Dunbartonshire residents campaign for better broadband

    Local residents of Balmore, Bardowie, Barnellan, and parts of Torrance in East Dunbartonshire have launched a campaign to get faster broadband in certain rural areas. More »

  • Prime Minister promises rural broadband improvements

    Theresa May has indicated that she government could take more action to improve connectivity in rural areas of the country without decent broadband. More »

  • TalkTalk gets record £400,000 fine for data breach

    TalkTalk has been fined £400,000 - a record number - for “poor website security” after the data breach it suffered in October last year. More »

  • Warwickshire communities to get superfast fibre broadband

    Superfast, fibre optic broadband is set to arrive in a bunch of towns and villages in Warwickshire, thanks to a community-led campaign from the CSW Broadband project. More »

  • Sky calls for BT Openreach separation once again

    Sky boss Andrew Griffith has renewed calls for BT Openreach infrastructure division to be separated from its parent company. Griffith believes it puts the UK at risk of falling… More »

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