Fun and interesting technology news from

Fun and interesting technology news from

  • Thousands of parents don’t understand internet slang

    A new online poll from BT has found that many parents don’t understand the slang words, acronyms and phrases that their kids may be using online. The poll was… More »

  • Most common passwords of 2016 revealed

    Password managing app Keeper has revealed the 25 passwords that were used the most last year - and really, nothing has changed. Top of the list are usual suspects… More »

  • BT launches free service to deal with nuisance calls

    If you’re fed up your phone blaring all hours of the day with automated messages or other nuisance calls, then here’s some very good news indeed. BT’s just launched… More »

  • Google reveals what Brits searched for most in 2016

    Google has unveiled its most searched-for terms throughout 2016 - revealing that Brits are interested in major sports events, dead celebrities, and a couple of certain political happenings. More »

  • IMDB reveals the most searched actors of 2016

    We’re getting to that time of year where websites start publishing lists about what we’ve been up to over the past 12 months. First up this year is movie… More »

  • Virgin Media freezes line rental costs for elderly and disabled

    Virgin Media has announced a new tier of line rental on its network: Talk Protected, a special series of plans that give discounts to elderly and disabled customers, with… More »

  • Ofcom to probe landline prices in new consultation

    Are landline prices too high? Telecoms regulator Ofcom is set to launch a new consultation to find out, it announced this morning. More »

  • Amazon Music Unlimited takes on Spotify in the UK

    Amazon has finally launched its Spotify rival service, Amazon Music Unlimited, over here in the UK. The music streaming service gives subscribers access to a library of more than… More »

  • BT to install new payphones with ultrafast Wi-Fi and free phone calls

    Most of the classic red phone boxes may be phone-less these days, but the payphone is about to have a comeback. BT will install new payphones in London that… More »

  • Huge cyber attack takes down major websites, causes outages

    Last Friday, a major cyber attack took down some of the world’s biggest websites. PayPal, Twitter, Reddit, eBay, Netflix, Spotify, GitHub, SoundCloud, and the PlayStation Network are all reported… More »

  • How long does it take to boil water in a Wi-Fi kettle?

    Answer: oh, only 11 hours. Data specialist Mark Rittman's tweets went viral yesterday as he chronicled his struggles to get his Wi-Fi-enabled kettle to boil water. More »

  • Classic red phone box celebrates its 80th birthday

    Happy birthday, red phone boxes! On Wednesday 5 October, BT kicked off anniversary celebrations for the classic icon, which turns a landmark 80 years old this month. More »

  • Average Brit spends over two hours a day on social media

    A new survey from BT reveals just how addicted to social media the UK is, showing that the average Brit spends two hours and 12 minutes on social media… More »

  • BT Sport brings virtual reality footie to EE stores

    This weekend, EE will give its customers the chance to watch a Premier League game in virtual reality at four of its flagship stores, thanks to its partnership with… More »

  • Brits are making fewer phone calls, Ofcom report says

    According to the latest Telecommunications Market Data report from Ofcom, Brits are making fewer and fewer phone calls, and we’re talking less too - but landline providers’ revenues have… More »

  • Hold company directors responsible for nuisance calls, says Which?

    Company directors must be “held personally to account” for nuisance calls made by their firms, consumer group Which? said in a statement this week. More »

  • Woman on phone

    The speaking clock will soon have a new voice - and it could be you

    BT is seeking a new sound for the speaking clock, and it’s looking to the great British public to provide it. The telecoms provider is holding a competition to… More »

  • Happy 25th birthday, first public website

    On Saturday, the internet celebrated a very important birthday: the anniversary of the first public website going live. More »

  • Post Office, Tentel, TalkTalk Business increase line rental

    Landline providers Post Office, Tentel, and TalkTalk Business have raised the monthly cost of their line rental, as well Post Office’s broadband prices. More »

  • BT celebrates the Speaking Clock’s 80th birthday

    24 July 2016 is a very special day in the world of vocal timepieces: it marks the Speaking Clock’s birthday. This Sunday, the talkative ticker will be 80 years… More »

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