1 in 4 kids think video games are exercise

A new study by Youth Sport Trust has revealed that 25% of children believe playing videos games is a form of physical exercise. The survey of 1,000 5-16 year olds found that kids are becoming disengaged from physical activity and more interested in technology.

This is highlighted by the fact that over a third of respondentssaid they now speak to their friends more on social media sitessuch as Facebook and Twitter than they do face to face.

The Trust indicated that the digital revolution could posechallenges to kids' emotional wellbeing, and added that sport mustremain a priority in schools to help prevent health problems in thefuture.

The report concluded: "There is no resisting the march oftechnology. Policymakers can feel nostalgic for a time before thechallenges new connected technologies have brought in engagingyoung people, or they can harness these technologies to theiradvantage."

"In order to get children active from a young age, a moreholistic approach to PE is needed, one which integrates technologyand the delivery of a seamless, intuitive and digitally enhancedform of physical activity."

The Youth Sport Trust has published the new study to coincidewith School Sport Week. The organisation also published worryingfigures earlier this year that indicated that PE lessons offered inschools now amounted for less than the minimum of two hours perweek.

A further report by UKActive also showed that primary schoolsare not doing enough to track the activity and fitness levels ofpupils.

Source: Telegraph

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