23% of parents struggle to pull kids away from technology

New research from charity Action for Children has found that today’s parents find it easier to get their kids to do their homework than to get them to turn off their gadgets.

In a poll, parents and guardians were asked which behaviour they found the most difficult to control in their children. 'Limiting technology based activities' easily topped the list with 23%. Following several percentage points behind were health eating (19%), bedtime (18%).

Doing homework was the easiest task on the list, with just 10% of respondents saying it was the behaviour they struggled with most - less than half as many as those who struggle with tech use the most.

The charity acknowledged that smartphones, tablets, and TVs are big parts of our lives and our entertainment, but it's nonetheless important for children to spend quality time with their families away from screens.

Carol Iddon, Action for Children's managing director of operations, said: "Technology is an often necessary part of the lives of children and parents alike, but it's important to maintain a balance with other activities and quality family time. We know from our extensive work with families that strong relationships with parents build resilience in children, making them less susceptible to bullying or abuse outside the home, and encouraging them to speak to their parents about any fears or concerns."

If you're finding it hard to get your family to unplug, Action for Children recommends planning fun family activities that don't involve tech, organising games like sports and brainteasers, and switching your own devices off when the kids do.

Source: Action for Children

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