72% of landline calls are from scammers, says TalkTalk

New research from TalkTalk reveals that Brits are twice as likely to get a scam call than we are to get a call from our best friend. 72% of landline calls are scammers, while half that - just 36% - are from our best friends.

We're even finding scammers are more likely to be in touch than our family members are - 64% of calls are from family.

And it's not just landline phones that the scammers are contacting us on. 43% of respondents said they got a suspicious-looking text message in the last month, and 63% got a suspicious email.

In fact, the real numbers could be even higher than that: 42% of people said they don't think they'd be able to spot a scam.

TalkTalk undertook the research in a partnership with Get Safe Online, and the two are now launching a Beat The Scammers campaign nationwide. Together, they've produced an online hub of resources on scam protection, including a breakdown of the most common tactics scammers will use.

It's also sharing some important scam-defying info with all its customers, through leaflets, emails, and its customer care line. With any luck, that 42% will drop down in no time, the provider hopes.

There are four top tactics that scammers will use, TalkTalk says. They are:

  • Pretending to be a brand that you trust - like a well-known company, your broadband provider, or mobile network
  • Encouraging you to share personal details, by quoting personal info that they already have
  • Creating a sense of panic, saying that you need to take action on a problem quickly - such as an "unpaid bill"
  • Making the call sound plausible, such as by bringing another person into the conversation or playing the sound of a noisy office in the background

Find out more info, take the Scam IQ Test, and share your scam stories at talktalk.co.uk/beatthescammers.

Source: TalkTalk

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