Apple Music is getting improvements, but we’re not sure what they are

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Despite only launching a year ago, Apple Music is getting a major overhaul, according to reports. Less-than-enthused reviews and a shake-up of the software’s management team have led to the dawn of a few changes.

One big plan is to alter the interface - something the current version of the app has been criticised for - to make it more intuitive, though there isn't any news on exactly how it'll do this.

When Apple Music first came out, it was met with rather mediocre reviews, many of them slamming its clunky UI. Although 11 million users initially signed up for the free trial, almost half of them cancelled their subscription before they had to start paying.

The acquisition of Beats Music two years was a turning point for Apple's music arm, since it meant the company could more easily launch a music streaming service alongside downloads - but it came with a few issues. (Besides the association with tinny-sounding headphones, of course.) Merging the two companies made for what Bloomberg describes as a culture clash, and several key managers resigned.

That clash is reflected in the app's iffy integration of streaming and downloading services, according to critics - and particularly noticeable when it comes to albums that can be bought but not streamed.

It also meant new product ideas had to go through a "laborious" process to get approved, and weren't always able to get off the ground.

However, now the Apple Music offices have calmed down a bit, and the needless bureaucracy now shunned, the app's reportedly on track to smooth over the streaming-vs-downloading divide.

But, again… there's no word on precisely what that'll look like.

Apple is expected to reveal Music's new look at its WWDC in June. We'll be on tenterhooks until then.

Source: Bloomberg

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