Britain has 18 smart devices per household

When it comes to technology, Brits are among the most enthusiastic customers in Europe, a new survey has shown, with an average of 18 smart devices per household including mobiles, tablets, and smart TVs.

As well as spending an average of £144 a year on streaming and downloads, we've significantly changed our habits to make it part of day-to-day life.

The survey, carried out by Samsung, looked at 18,000 people living in Europe. It found that Britons are particularly enthusiastic about downloading and streaming music, with almost half choosing to stream music, video or TV programmes weekly.

Using multiple devices at once is common too, with many people tweeting along with what they're watching on TV or playing games at the same time. Smart TVs are increasingly popular, and with more and more people wanting all their devices to be connected, it's no wonder that there's been an increase in people shopping around for the best broadband and phone deals they can find.

Interestingly, despite the arrival of all these new options, television use has actually gone up, with almost nine in ten households now watching TV every day. One in five people even watch TV on the move using mobile devices.

However, it isn't all about entertainment, with one in three households paying to access educational content online. The use of apps, for a wide range of uses on smartphones and tablets, has grown by over 50% in the past year.

Source: BT

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