Brits are making fewer phone calls, Ofcom report says

According to the latest Telecommunications Market Data report from Ofcom, Brits are making fewer and fewer phone calls, and we’re talking less too - but landline providers’ revenues have remained pretty much the same.

In the first quarter of 2016, we talked on the phone for a total of 17,389,000,000 minutes - over 33,000 years' worth of chatting, or about three minutes per person per day.

That's a huge number - we're a very talkative bunch - but still a lot lower than the same time last year: we talked for a whopping 19,873,000,000 minutes in the first quarter of 2015. That's 38,000 years' worth, or 3.4 minutes per person per day.

The drop isn't surprising, given that more of us prefer to use our mobile phones or chat via apps like Skype.

And boy do we like our mobiles. In the first quarter of this year we logged a total of 36.83 billion messages and minutes on mobile phones, the equivalent of about six each per day.

Revenues, however, have remained mostly stable for fixed-line telecoms companies - around the £2 billion mark for each quarter in the last year. Most have raised the price of their line rental within the last 12 months, giving them a similar income as usual despite customers' drop in use.

The number of exchange line numbers has hardly changed in the last year either - probably because most broadband connections still need an active line, regardless of whether you use your home phone or not.

Speaking of which, the number of broadband connections has gone up slightly as well, meaning nearly 25 million premises now have broadband. Standard ADSL still rules - 14 million connections are of this type - though that's on the decline, making way for more fibre optic (5,845,000, up from 4,207,000) and cable (4,771,000, up from 4,568,000) connections.

Source: Ofcom

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