BT Sport and Now TV urge customers to switch browsers from Chrome

Video-on-demand (VOD) services are asking customers to use an alternative web browser due to compatibility issues with Google's latest version of Chrome. Customers using BT Sport, Now TV and Blinkbox have all been affected since its release last week.

Chrome's browser has removed support for NPAPI plugins, whichare used to power several major video services. Google revealedlast year that it would make the switch to HTML5 video but manyservices have failed to migrate in time.

The change means that services that continue to supportMicrosoft Silverlight and other similar plugins are essentiallyunusable in Google Chrome.

A post on Now TV's support forum said: "Google Chrome version 42has now been released, and Chrome no longer supports MicrosoftSilverlight. From this point, you'll need to use Microsoft InternetExplorer or Mozilla Firefox to watch Now TV on your PC."

BT's Twitter account also commented on the issue: "If you useChrome to watch BT Sport you may get a Silverlight error.Silverlight is no longer supported in Chrome, pls use anotherbrowser."

Blinkbox has already introduced a HTML5 player but warnedcustomers that they need extra time to optimise streaming for thenew video standard and urged them to try a different browser forthe "best experience."

Netflix is among the services that has successfully migrated toHTML5 ahead of Google's switch-off date.

Source: Expert Reviews

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