Facebook Reactions ready to roll out to all

After declaring that it Liked the results of its initial trial, Facebook has confirmed that its more complex ‘Reactions’ will be rolling out to all users.

As well as the classic Like button, you'll soon have five more options to choose from: "Love", "Haha", "Wow", "Sad", and "Angry", each accompanied by their own emoji symbol.

A celebratory "Yay" was also included in the initial trials, which Facebook tested in places such as Spain and Ireland, but was soon dropped because it was "not universally understood".

Mark Zuckerberg says that Reactions are here to add "a little bit of complexity" to the simplest of Facebook interactions. He said: "When you only have a like button, if you share a sad piece of content or something that makes you angry, people may not have the tool to react to it."

It comes off the back of users asking for a 'Dislike' button - clicking 'Like' to express sympathy on a status about a pet passing away, for instance, feels a tad insensitive. But, worrying that a Dislike button would be used too negatively, Facebook bods looked for something more nuanced.

Advertisers in particular are rather interested in how the new feature goes down, as it means more nuanced engagement with branded posts. Simon Calvert of marketing agency Lida said that Likes are "devalued because brands collect them mindlessly". The new Reactions, on the other hand, may be a bit difficult to understand: "You might end up with such fragmented data that you can't make up your mind what your ad should look like."

Facebook hasn't given an exact date for the global rollout, but expect to see Reactions pop up on your news feed "pretty soon".

Source: Independent | BBC

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