Floods take down phone lines in York

Severe flooding in the north of England has caused a lot of damage, and has now taken down a number of phone lines in York. The floods cut off power to the BT exchange in York on Sunday, essentially knocking out phones and internet for large parts of the city.

Residents have described the area as a "ghost town", with a lot of streets rendered inhospitable by floods - and now, thanks to the dodgy phone lines, most businesses are only accepting payment by cash. Card machines can't work without an internet connection, and a lot of cash machines aren't online either.

A BT spokesperson said: "Severe flooding in the Yorkshire area has resulted in the loss of some phone and broadband services. The York BT exchange has been damaged by flood water and our engineers are currently working to restore the building's power supply with support from the emergency services.

"Openreach engineers have been supporting the recovery work and are working flat out to restore services as soon as possible."

BT engineers are currently working hard to fix the issue and expect it to be resolved pretty soon. In the meantime, Lloyds, Natwest, and Yorkshire Bank say they are unaware of issues affecting their ATMs, so if you're in York try heading there to get cash out.

Source: Guardian

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