Google+ gets an overhaul

It’s little more than a punchline for most of us who use social media, but Google still has confidence in Google+ - so much so that it’s giving it a big revamp.

The update will focus on two particular features on the website: Communities and Collections.

Communities is Google+'s version of groups, which users interested in the same subject can join to share posts, links, pictures, and info, and get discussions going. They've been around since 2012 and average 1.2 million joins each day, Google says.

Collections, on the other hand, are a newer feature at just five months old, but according to Google they're growing fast. Each Collection collates sets of posts on a particular topic, so users can easily access useful posts and share their findings with others.

Both sections have been given an overhaul to put them front and centre on the new interface, which has been rebuilt to work consistently and responsively across desktop browsers, mobile web, and smartphone apps.

Google said on its blog: "Creating great products that solve real needs and make life easier for people is something Google is always striving for. Your feedback got us this far-as we continue to refine Google+, we'd love to keep hearing from you. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing how today's changes help kickstart even more conversations around everything from Zombie Cats to Vintage Calculators."

To try out the new style, blow away the dust on your Google+ profile and click 'Let's go' if and when you're prompted.

Source: Google

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