Google reveals what Brits searched for most in 2016

Google has unveiled its most searched-for terms throughout 2016 - revealing that Brits are interested in major sports events, dead celebrities, and a couple of certain political happenings.

Brexit was a particularly hot topic, turning up as our sixth most Googled term, along with 'how to vote for EU referendum' and, rather tellingly, 'how to get an Irish passport'.

We were just as engaged with the US election, however - 'Donald Trump' and 'US election' both appeared in our most-searched-for list as well. The human combover himself was the third most Googled topic worldwide, in fact, losing out only to Pokemon Go and the iPhone 7.

The world's most-searched-for celebrity death was Prince, but back in the UK we took more interest in our own home-grown David Bowie.

The top 10 terms people in the UK Googled in 2016 were:

1. Euro 2016
2. Pokemon Go
3. David Bowie
4. Donald Trump
5. Prince
6. EU referendum/Brexit
7. Alan Rickman
8. Olympics
9. US election
10. Deadpool

In all the main UK cities, the most searched 'What is…' query was 'What is Pokemon Go?' - except in Sheffield, where people were more concerned with the question of 'What is Article 50?'

Meanwhile, the top 10 most-searched topics worldwide were:

1. Pokemon Go
2. iPhone 7
3. Donald Trump
4. Prince
5. Powerball
6. David Bowie
7. Deadpool
8. Olympics
10. Suicide Squad

Much more fascinating, however, are the top 10 things that Brits wanted to know how to do this year:

1. How to play Pokemon Go
2. How to lose weight well
3. How to stay young
4. How to go live on Facebook
5. How to vote for EU referendum
6. How to get an Irish passport
7. How to make slime
8. How to appear funny
9. How to apply for British citizenship
10. How to accept myself for who I am

We're loving that slow arc of self-acceptance going on there. Let's hope 2017's searches focus more on that.

Source: BBC | Wired

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