Internet usage has doubled since 2005, says Ofcom

UK adults are spending twice as much time on the internet compared to a decade ago, according to new research by Ofcom. The regulator's study claims that the huge popularity of tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices has resulted in the surge in broadband usage.

The Media Use and Attitudes 2015 report shows that over-16s spent more than 20 hours online every week in 2014, which is an increase on the comparatively meagre nine hours and 54 minutes in 2005.

The biggest rise in usage is among young people, partly due to the rise of on-demand video and shared content on services such as Netflix and YouTube. The 16-24 age demographic averaged a staggering 27 hours and 36 minutes online each week last year - up from 10 hours and 24 minutes a decade ago.

Communications watchdog Ofcom says this is due to more people using smartphones and other similar tech. The regulator revealed that mobile usage has doubled since 2010 when just 30% of adults were using connected smartphones, compared to 66% today.

Tablets also saw even bigger growth in the same period - rising from 5% five years ago to a huge 39% last year. This has caused a shift in the way we're consuming content, as it means we spend even more time online when at work and away from home.

The study also found that 98% of us now have a digital TV in our homes, 89% use a mobile phone, and 86% can access the internet anywhere at any time.

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