Mobile devices account for third of all internet usage

Mobile browsing now accounts for a third of all internet usage worldwide, according to a new global report. We’re also spending more of our time on social media, the report says, with sites like Facebook and Google+ taking up a quarter of the total time we spend online.

Research firm GlobalWebIndex found that the average Brit spends around 80 minutes browsing social media across an average of four social networks. Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and LinkedIn experienced the highest growth in active users during the last twelve months.

Facebook has fewer active users than a year ago - though it still remains the largest online community, with a staggering 82% of the world's population outside of China now signed up to the platform.

YouTube is now the most popular social network, as four out of five internet users worldwide have visited the site during the last month. Its visitor numbers have leapfrogged ahead of Facebook and it is also deemed the "coolest" site among teenagers.

The GWI report noted: "Although membership and active user metrics both have their own clear merits, it is arguably visitor numbers which offer the fairest way of comparing engagement across the top social networks."

GWI surveys thousands of internet users every month to find out their social media habits and analyse global web trends. Its research has also highlighted "rising importance of the mobile internet" as more of us browse the web while away from home.

YouTube is also benefitting from the mobile trend, as more than half of its views are from smartphones and tablets.

Source: Telegraph

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