Post Office raises line rental and call charges

Post Office has announced that it will increase charges for line rental and phone calls for its HomePhone customers from 9 November.

The basic HomePhone package, which includes free weekend calls to UK mobiles, will be increased to £16. However, Post Office has stated that the new price is still significantly cheaper than similar services offered by competitors - including Virgin Media (£16.99), TalkTalk (£17.70), BT (£17.99), and Plusnet (£16.99).

Other changes include a higher call connection fee of 15.5p per call, an increase to 10p per minute for UK daytime calls, and an increase to 12p per minute for calls to mobiles.

In a statement, Post Office said the new prices would ensure it continue to provide the "very best service".

This latest price hike follows a similar rise back in January and follows an industry-wide trend that has seen the likes of TalkTalk and Sky increase line rental and call charges this year.

Post Office commented: "Historically, we've held off changing our prices for as long as possible, even when our competitors raised theirs. We even reduced the cost of our Broadband package earlier this year.

"However, we've had to make a few changes to the price of some of our products and services in order to continue offering all the great benefits that are included within our packages. Although some prices have increased, you'll see that our prices are still very good value for money."

Source: ISP Review | Post Office

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